How to restore colour to black stone

A newly installed black limestone patio is an impressive sight – but its wow-factor often doesn’t last long.  Black or very dark grey stone very quickly fades and you’re left with a wishy-washy grey aesthetic. So, how can you restore the colour and protect slabs from future discolouration, or ensure that a newly installed patio retains its good looks?  We recommend treatment with LTP Blackstone Sealer & Restorer. Why does black stone fade? A dark stone’s appearance can be greatly affected by sunlight and normal rainfall because it causes a chemical reaction.  Limestone and many other dark stones are calcium-based, alkaline in nature … Continue reading How to restore colour to black stone

Getting your paths & patio ready for spring

As the nights draw out, now’s the perfect time to get your paths and patio ready for spring. From small terrace to lavish, landscaped setting, all will benefit greatly from a tidy and deep clean – and using professional treatments can make a real difference over the months ahead. A post-winter clean To properly remove stains and ingrained dirt, we recommend a thorough wash with LTP Grimex. A blast with a jet wash may seem like a quicker and easier option but it will only wash dirt off the surface. A specialist treatment will react with ingrained residue and organic … Continue reading Getting your paths & patio ready for spring

What not to use for a deep clean

There’s nothing quite like a home-made recipe.  Something passed down the generations, made from wholesome ingredients.  But when it comes to old fashioned cleaning remedies, they can sometimes do more harm than good. If, like us, you’ve seen lots of articles on deep cleaning, you may be tempted to try out some of the popular ‘cleaning hacks’.  Many people are recommending mixtures of vinegar, soda crystals, bicarbonate of soda, water and lemon to make disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners and limescale removers.  The problem is that lots of natural materials, like limestone and marble, are very sensitive to acid and alkaline.  Vinegar and lemon are both very … Continue reading What not to use for a deep clean

How to protect terracotta tiles 

The popularity of natural floor materials – and a desire to ‘bring the outside in’ – is showing no sign of slowing.  Along with limestone and timber, there’s also renewed interest in terracotta – and not just in traditional settings.  Its rustic good looks bring a real warmth to all interior styles and, with earthy tones flagged as a major trend this year, demand looks set to increase even further. Terracotta is a very wholesome, natural material.  It’s basically clay that’s dried in the sun or fired in an oven and the name literally means ‘baked earth’.  Along with its beautiful burnt orange colouring, terracotta … Continue reading How to protect terracotta tiles 

The Big Christmas Clean

When it comes to a pre-Christmas clean, kitchens and bathrooms often require the most attention. They’re the workhorses of our homes and are subjected to all manner of wear and tear. Organic dirt, food & drink and a myriad of products leave their mark – but using the correct tools and treatments makes all the difference. Cleaning floors and tiled areas is one of the hardest jobs and many of us reach for a heavy-duty cleaner.   However, it rarely offers the best solution.  Most of these detergents – including many of the eco ranges – contain acid which will damage tiles, grout, … Continue reading The Big Christmas Clean

Introducing Palio Express

At Wellington Tile Company, we’ve always prided ourselves on being able to showcase the widest range of tiling finishes – many exclusive, with options to suit all interior styles. Now, we’ve extended our range further, with the introduction of Palio Express by Karndean. Palio Express is a new collection of wood and stone-effect luxury vinyl tiles. The collection includes three different ranges – Korlok, Palio Rigid and Palio Looselay – which together provide 24 stunning floor finishes. Combining an authentic natural look with lots of practical features, Palio Express is quick and easy to install (without any specialist tools) and … Continue reading Introducing Palio Express

Top Ten Tips: Terracotta

Before your terracotta tiles are laid, consider your grout joint. Generally, a machine-made tile with a square edge will suit a narrow grout joint, whilst a handmade, aged rustic tile will look better with a wider grout joint. Terracotta colour tones will vary from tile-to-tile. To achieve a uniform finish, lay the tiles on the floor first, without adhesive, so that you can move them around. Terracotta is very absorbent and it will need sealing to protect it from dirt and stains. The sealer will also strengthen the clay. Before applying, make sure that the surface is clean and dry, … Continue reading Top Ten Tips: Terracotta

Getting Your Patio Winter Ready

Patios have become really important areas, extending our living space and allowing us to make the most of the great outdoors. Large or small, patios benefit greatly from regular maintenance – and early autumn is an ideal time to get to work.  It will cut down the ‘elbow grease’ required come springtime and will make outdoor spaces more pleasant over the winter months.  Time to tidy Whilst most aluminium and wooden furniture can be left outdoors year-round, materials like wicker and rattan generally need to be protected – under covers or indoors.   At this time of year, fallen leaves quickly start … Continue reading Getting Your Patio Winter Ready

How To Fix & Seal Hand Made Terracotta

Terracotta is a natural product, so you can expect it will have colour tone variation, minor structural deficiencies such as pitting, and other marks all of which make each terracotta floor unique. Terracotta will arrive in its natural form, which can be much paler than the sealed finish, this is due to the sealing process. There are other ways in which you can seal terracotta please visit LTP to see other options, this guide covers the traditional way of sealing terracotta. The process of laying terracotta begins with spreading out your adhesive on your primed concrete or timber floor using a … Continue reading How To Fix & Seal Hand Made Terracotta

How do I clean my external paving?

Patio’s can give that refined and uniform look to a garden area, a clean cut from grass to stone, and when newly laid they look fantastic. If you had them laid before the winter months however they probably won’t look the same now as they once did. With the amount of rain that we have had over the last few months, the probability is that you will have some form of green growth on the tiles. This green growth is a mix of Algae, moss and lichen which builds up on the tiles, normally more common in areas of higher … Continue reading How do I clean my external paving?